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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mobadi v1.9.5

Mobadi v1.9.5 | 754 KB | Download


Mobadi is a little application to discharge and monitor your internal battery.
Actual it will support only different HTC Devices, but Versions for non-HTC Devices are coming up soon. The downloadable Version will already run on VGA and non-VGA Devices.

In some test, Mobadi have increased the used mAh up to 370%! So the Battery will discharge faster.

On older devices like the Trinity, the Battery-Percentage are 5% or 10%-Steps. So the Diagram are not so detailed like on the Touch-Versions.

tested Devices:
- HTC Touch Pro
- HTC Touch HD
- HTC Touch Diamond
- HTC Touch Cruise
- HTC Trinity
- HTC p3300 Artemis
- Sony Ericsson X1(i) (Xperia)