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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tile Fall v1.03

Title Fall v1.03 | 96 KB | Download


A new version of UNO just dropped in! In this unique mobile puzzler, players need to match up similar "UNO Card" Tiles by colors or matching numbers to clear a chain of tiles. The longer the chain the bigger the point

bonus the player is awarded. UNO Free Fall is a fun and challenging puzzler which will keep players glued to their mobile for hours!


· Windows Mobile 2003/5/6


· UNO Free Fall is based on one of the most beloved card games ever - UNO by Mattel
· Special tiles like reverse, scrambler, and wild are thrown in the mix to help players optimize tile chains to give them a chance to win more points.
· Gold tiles clear all groups on the board as a single chain for a big-time bonus
· Keeps high scores.
· Lots of options including sound volume, music volume, difficulty, and vibration.