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Friday, June 19, 2009

Titanium System Panel v2.2 QVGA

Titanium System Panel v2.2 QVGA | 83 KB | Download


v2.2 So I was playing with this CHome stuff and decided to create a basic system panel to show memory status. Still working on it, but here is a preview of the work so far, in case anyone wants to continue

developing it for their devices. As usual backup the *.cpr files just in case, and play with it if you want.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.5


1. Shows RAM, STORAGE and SD CARD free available memory.
2. Updated every 10 seconds.
3. CAB Installation. (Thanks to AppStar for the Plugin Installer and showaco for CHome Editor!)
4. Pie Charts in Condensed Mode.
5. Floating Point data display.