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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

LockAndKey v1.0

LockAndKey 1.0 | 21 KB | Download


The goal of this game is to escape the maze.

You move the hero (guy with hair/hat near center) by tapping on the screen. He will move in that direction.

Tap the bar at the bottom to select an item. The next tap on the screen will use the item, in that direction from the hero.

Every item can be used only once, but luckily they're laying all around. The various "road-blocks" can each be destroyed (even walls) with some of the items you have.

Sometimes using an item on a road-block with destroy the barrier, sometimes it will destroy the item! If it won't work, nothing happens. You don't "die" in this game, you just run out of options.

There's a help icon you can use, which will give info on any item on the screen.

The file menu allows you to select a new maze with various parameters (room size, maze size, difficulty, hide unseen squares), as well as save the current state, load the saved state, and restart the maze. Sorry, only one save game is supported right now, though you could back them up by hand if you wanted.