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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Resco Photo Viewer Pro v6.21

Resco Photo Viewer Pro v6.21 | 1524 KB | Download


Resco Photo Viewer - Far Beyond Standards
The favorite image viewing application has just made storing photo albums and editing pictures easier and more enjoyable.

Easy browsing
Browse through pictures in folders in a way you are used to it! Slideshow
Impress your clients, colleagues or friends with a slide-show presentation!
Beyond standard editing tools!
Set as wallpaper, make notes or drawings, adjust the contrast, brightness … Uploading to Flickr.com
Share your pictures with your loved ones just seconds after you take them!
Video and animation preview
Animated picture or even a video? No problem! Add to contact
An easy way to add enhanced and cropped photos to your contacts!


Anonymous said...

keymaker doesnt work.