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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Auto Light 2.3

License: Free
Price: Free

Auto Light lets you customize the different levels of brightness according the the environment. You just need to choose the brightness level (from 1 to 10) and set the limits of the sensor to the change the level. It is supposed to be better auto adjuster of the backlight for your phone.


Run AutoLight.cab and install in main memory (not in storage card), run AutoLight.Config.cab and install where you like, then softreset (this should also disable the native auto adjust backlight function, check for that in the Control Panel Power applet).

If you have previously installed autolight V2.x and want only upgrade to V2.3 without having your configuration reset to default use the Configurator to stop AutoLight. After that overwrite AutoLight.exe, ChangeLight.exe and AutoLightConfig.exe with the files you find inside AutoLight.zip and softreset.


AutoLight working depends on parameters it gets from registry. For details on parameters see AutoLight.reg.txt and AutoLigth.reg
The Configurator gives a more user friendly access to these parameters.
Nevertheless, the configuration process is quite complex and should be done after thoroughly reading AutoLight.reg.txt.
The second tab of the Configurator contains a graphical representation of the calibration table used to convert light sensor to backlight values. Note that: - the horizontal scale is not linear but goes according to square root of the light sensor value;
- the horizontal red segments represent the ranges of light sensor values assigned to every backlight level;
- the horizontal red segment whose backlight level is selected (with the control on top of the second tab) turns blue;
- the small rectangles connecting the segments are the hysteresis;
- the vertical blue line is the current light sensor value (only available when AutoLight is running);
- the horizontal blue line is the current backlight level (only available when AutoLight is running).

User offset change and increment/decrement backlight command line utility

If you are not satisfied with the backlight level as computed by AutoLight you can add a positive or negative offset to it. The offset values, one for use when on battery and one for use when on AC power, can be entered using the Configurator. Moreover, installation puts the small utility ChangeLight.exe together with AutoLight.exe. Running ChangeLight.exe with parameter "/-" decrements backlight level by one, with parameter "/+" increments backlight level by one. The utility then adjusts current offset level accordingly. Using ChangeLight.exe and a hardware button mapper you can change backlight and offset without using the stylus.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1