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Saturday, September 26, 2009

S2P 0.73

License: Free
Price: Free

* Since S2P simply scans music files in your storage card, it's suggested to have your music files well organized by folders. So that you can browse your music files through the folders instead of a plain list. (e.g. \Artist Name\Album Name\Music title.mp3)
* When browsing, press the folder name to list all music files under that folder, including subfolders; or press the arrow button to list the subfolders. * Press any one of the filename to play.
* To go back to the music file list, press the top left back button.
* To view the current album list, press the top right icon. Then press any one on the list to play that music.
* To go back to the single music view, press the top right icon again.
* On the single music view, tap the screen to call up the timeline. Press the left repeat icon to repeat the current playing album; press the right shuffle icon to play the whole music list randomly. When both icons are on, only the current album will be played randomly.
* Under the music playback screen, slide up or down the edge of the album art will change to the Album View screen. To go back to the normal playback screen, slide up or down the edge of the album art.
* The hardware keys are:
End - minimize
Vol Up/Down or DPAD Up/Down - volume control
DPAD Action - play/pause
DPAD Left/Right - previous/next
Left/Right soft key - previous/next album
Power/Record - turn screen off

- Under your PC/MAC/device, extract the content of the downloaded file & copy the CAB file to your device.
- Under your device, run any File Explorer application; go to the folder where the CAB file is copied; run the CAB file.

WM5 Phone or WM6 Professional devices
free RAM: at least 3M for QVGA