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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pocketcad 4.08

License: Free
Price: Free

The era of hand-held devices is well underway. Companies such as HP and Compaq now offer very powerful and reasonably priced Pocket PCs. HP's Jornada and Compaq's iPAQ, run the Windows CE operating system, offering users a variety of useful tools and features that you can take with you virtually anywhere.

Until recently, these devices were used to help manage email, calendars, and task lists, maybe to check out a few web sites, and even to play a hand or two of Solitaire. However, with the introduction of PocketCAD Pro, hand-held computer capabilities now include CAD.

Figure 1. PocketCAD Pro allows you view and edit AutoCAD drawings using your Pocket PC.

Similar to AutoCAD LT in terms of its targeted audience, PocketCAD Pro, by Arc Second, is intended to help you perform the most common drawing editing features you need. More importantly, it's designed so you can take your AutoCAD drawings with you and edit them on the go. Whether you're traveling to a meeting, inspecting a site design in the field, or just want to redline a set of drawings from your easy chair, with PocketCAD Pro, your drawings are always in the palm of you hand.

PocketCAD Pro, shown in Figure 1, works with AutoCAD DWG and DXF files, and can read drawing formats from Release 12 through 2000i. To import a file to PocketCAD Pro, with your Pocket PC synched to your computer, you simply drag a drawing file from your desktop to your Pocket PC.

As the drawing is transferred, PocketCAD Pro automatically converts it to PocketCAD Pro's own *.CAD file format. When you finish editing, you copy the file back to you computer's desktop, where PocketCAD Pro converts the *.CAD file to a DXF file.