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Saturday, September 19, 2009

PocketSaola ChessAx 1.4

License: Free
Price: Free

ChessAx for PocketPC = Ax Engine + GUI for PocketPC + many useful functions.
Ax has been being one of the most frequent update engines.


User Interface:
  • Several piece styles.
  • Board customization: select colors, sizes, rotate board to get suitable view.
  • Two ways to make moves: tap and drag or tap and tap.
  • Move list (report).
For beginners and intermediates:
  • Move guide: shows all legal points for selected piece, including opening book moves.
  • Attacked pieces: shows all pieces which are being attacked by opponent. That function can help low and intermediate players to improve their ratings around 100-150 points.
  • Spy computing: Gives a graphic illustration of what computer is planning to play at any given moment. That can help players to improve their ratings about 200-300.
  • Chart of scores: that is chart of all computed scores of moves, giving you an overview about your game, where good moves or bad moves are and what key points of game are.
  • Select some kinds of limits for computer such as depth or time or both for computing a move. No limit for human side.
  • Select time controls. Same limit for both sides.
For experts:
  • ChessAx includes all the chess knowledge of the PC version. It is actually the same engine, with the only difference of GUI and that a PocketPC is not as fast as a PC.
  • PGN support: You can exchange games and positions with your favorite PC chess programs.
  • Set up any position.
  • Thinking in human time: Computer may get benefit from human time via that function.
  • Learn: ChessAx can learn positions to improve its strength.
  • Includes an opening book of 12000 chess positions.
  • Analysis on fly: That function is used for analysis for live games. Modern masters usually play in difficult way to understand. That function can help out and increase understanding and enjoyment of their games.
  • Find solution: infinite analyze current position to find the best move.