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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0

License: Free
Price: Free

Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0, a free, downloadable visual voicemail application by PhoneFusion, gives Windows Mobile phone users with wireless data and text messaging plans the ability to centralize all of their voicemail boxes and see—right on the device screen—a list of their voicemail messages.

It also allows users to listen to voicemails directly from their phone. A new feature—exclusive to Windows Mobile users—is that for the first time mobile consumers can receive faxes right on their smartphone. Users can use their existing mobile number or register a new number to receive faxes.

Another feature developed exclusively for Windows Mobile users is the ability to easily forward voicemails to any e-mail address or another Fusion Voicemail Plus mailbox. Fusion Voicemail Plus 2.0 also integrates with the user’s address book and expands the ability to use touch screen gestures to navigate through messages.

Fusion Voicemail Plus comes with many features, including:

The ability to synchronize multiple voicemail boxes to one location.
The ability to view and listen to voicemails right from your phone.
The ability to send SMS (text) messages to the person who left you the voicemail. Send the message directly from the Forward voicemails application to other users on the system or through e-mail.
True Caller ID Delivery on each voicemail. If the caller is not in your phonebook, Fusion Voicemail displays the information from the phone company as the caller ID.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1