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Friday, September 18, 2009

Baseball Ball Speed Calculator 2.4

License: Free
Price: Free

Whether you are a national league fan or little league enthusiast this best selling software will let you calculate and keep track of the ball speed. Just start the timer when a pitcher pitches the ball and stop the timer when the ball is hit by a bat or caught by a catcher. The software will automatically software calculate the ball speed and log the results.


  • High-resolution (down to 0.01second) timer.
  • The intuitive interface – start and stop the timer with the Navigation button.
  • Monitor the ball speed improvement on the longitudinal graph.
  • The Calendar view shows the best and average ball speed day by day.
  • The History display allows one to view all historic data.
  • You can save all data into a text file for copying to PC or sharing with friends.
  • Supports English and Metric measurement units.
  • Allows manual entry of the ball speed.

Note: the trial version is limited to 5 data entries.

Note: You do not need to uninstall the trial version, the full version will overwrite the trial software.

Requires 50kB of RAM (very small program).