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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anuvadak - Google Translator v1.0.0

Anuvadak - Google Translator v1.0.0 |
Price: Free

Anuvadak derives it functionality from Google translation service. I have tried to incorporate the complete Google translator features in this app.

Anuvadak is different from the other apps as it offers a completely different user experience.
It has some advanced features which others apps (on winmo) are missing.

* Attractive UI.
* Text to speech translation enabled (Not for all languages but for all which Google supports) . The voice is same as used on Google’s translation portal.
* Romanization of the all the supported languages. (Beta)
* Copy translation
* Send translation by SMS
* Google like instant translation. This feature is still in development but I am ready to release with beta version. The instant translation feature works awesome with wifi but does reasonably ok with 3g also.

Windows Mobile Phone


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