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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mobile Receptionist v0.95

Mobile Receptionist v0.95 |
Price: Free

Mobile Receptionist automatically handles calls, SMS, and other events, with user-configurable criteria and actions.

How It Works
You configure the Mobile Receptionist via Profiles. Profiles handle incoming events and phone status changes. Multiple profiles can be enabled simultaneously. For example, you could have one profile automatically forward all incoming SMS messages to an email address for archiving, and another one that responds to all SMS messages and incoming calls while you're at work.

Each profile has Rules. Each Rule contains Criteria and Actions. If all the Critiera are met, then all the Actions are executed. There are also Criteria for the Profile, which apply globally to all Rules in the Profile.

Use Cases
Watching a movie: set up rules to respond to missed calls and text messages with an SMS saying you're unavailable and will get back to them later.
Archiving: set up rules to forward all text messages to your email account.
Multiple phones: if you have a work phone and a personal phone, after working hours you could set up rules on your work phone to send SMS to your personal phone if the call/message is urgent.
Remote notification: If you're entering a secure building where you can't bring your phone, but have internet access, set up rules to send you an email every time you missed a call, got a text message, have an upcoming appointment.

01 July bugfix/new features release 0.950b
fixed form disposed exceptions

Low Battery Rule - executes when battery level changes
Cradled/Uncradled Rule - executes when device is cradled/uncradled
Incoming Call Rule - now able to answer calls and turn on speakerphone
Log Action - add your own log messages
Execute Action - run any command, with arguments

much improved handling of events when Mobile Receptionist isn't running
misc editors - better display when SIP is showing
notifications now give the user a chance to cancel actions such as answering/ending calls, sms responses.