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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dice Strip v1.0

Dice Strip | v1.0 | 1044 KB | Download


The object of the game is to roll the dice and win money of your opponent (a sexy girl). If you win, girl removes one of her clothes.

Game control:
Button BET - place a bet
Button DEAL - roll the dice
Button DOUBLE - double bet and roll the dice.
If you lose all your money the game is over.

The game is ONLY for people of at least 18 years old!


- Simple and fascinating gameplay
- Beautiful girls
- High quality pictures
- User-friendly interface
- Autosave on exit
- Sound
- Additional girls

Bubble Flytrix v1.2

Bubble Flytrix | v1.2 | 3859 KB | Download


This game is just fun. Cool game that will remind you Tetris, but it is a really new and fresh experience to play. The goal is simple, you burst bunches of bubbles of the same color, and others slip in and fill the gaps. This game contains three games, actually, with different playing fields and physics of the bubbles' motion. These games have common rules and share the same top scores table.

Fathammer Stuntcar Extreme v1.0

Fathammer Stuntcar Extreme | v1.0 | 8530 KB | Download


Driving with style, Stuntcar Extreme delivers a unique, fast-paced stunt racing experience in early 80''''s retro funk flavor. Race against opponents, unlock new tracks and new stunt cars and become the Stunt Champion!

This is the most extreme form of racing, and only the best of the best, or the craziest of the crazy, participate in the ruthless duels on the dangerous tracks.

Advanced car physics, fearsome opponents and insane jumps guarantee that the experience will be hair-raising.


- Quick Race and Championship game modes
- Head-to-head wireless multiplayer
- 20 different cars
- 7 different stunt tracks
- Screwball opponents and a tongue-in-cheek story
- Funky musical tunes
- Advanced racing physics
- Fully 3D gameplay

Monday, July 28, 2008

SBSH PocketWeather v2.04

SBSH Pocket Weather | v2.04 | 5418 KB | Download


After a long period of development and beta testing we are excited to announce today the release of PocketWeather 2.0! The all new PocketWeather 2.0 brings with it lots of wonderful new features, including: New Today screen plug-in design with powerful layout-scripting allowing designers to create endless display layouts, completely re-designed and empowered WeatherConsole supporting all screen resolutions and orientations, a completely new user-friendly Options interface, new PocketBreeze integration allowing one to view the weather within PocketBreeze, new powerful data-access configuration options and much more!

Snow Rally City Stage v1.1

Snow Rally City Stage | v1.1 | 3099 KB | Download


Fasten your seat belt, zoom over the city stages, whiz by splendid landmarks and cheering crowd, push the limits of your vehicle to win the champion. Snow Rally City Stage is a solid city racing game with the best 3D graphics on mobile and handheld devices offering breathtaking gaming experience and gorgeous city scenery.

Simbsoft Basketball v1.0

Simbsoft Basketball | v1.0 | 1177 KB | Download


This is a simple but addictive basketball game. Try to hit the basket as often as possible with either a limited number of shots or in a given time.

TIME: try to make as many hits as you can during the preset time
SHOT: try to make as many hits as possible with the preset number of shots


STATIC: the basket changes wall after every hit
SHIFTING: the basket changes wall and its height on the wall after every hit
MOVING: the basket moves all the time

SBSH Mylist v2.0

SBSH Mylist | v2.0 | 1406 KB | Download


A feature rich and easy to use list manager. Create lists for any purpose that will help you bring order to your life! Create lists for your daily activities such as: grocery list, To-Do's, collections; Manage your professional lists for your frequent flights packaging, project development and more!

MyList is a powerful list manager application designed with a user-friendly interface that guarantee thing will get organized. Using MyList you can create lists for any purpose that you can review or modify at any time. All Lists are organized in categories, optionally generate new lists from pre-defined templates and define new templates for your personal needs, assign custom icon to each list for a clearer identification and much more!. MyList is wrapped with great graphics that making it fun organizing your life!

ISS GamePack 2 v1.0

ISS GamePack 2 | v1.0 | 1191 KB | Download


iSS Game Pack 2 includes possibly the five most popular puzzle games ever created and one highly addictive solitaire pack. All six (6) games support all new Windows Mobile devices, but more importantly, they look and play great on all new devices as well.

With iSS Polyminoes, the game style that took the world by storm in the 80s, iSS Sudoku, the handheld version of the popular game that's played all over the world and its new harder variant - iSS Killer Sudoku. And iSS Trixec, possibly the most addicting puzzle matching game, you'll never be bored with iSS GamePack 2. As if that wasn't enough, you also get iSS Poker Solitaire Pack, which includes three great solitaire games, ideal for solitaire and poker lovers alike. And finally, we added the exciting strategy game iSS Mine Sweeper to complete the gamepack.

eSoft Interactive Word Challenge v1.3.1

Word Challenge | v1.31 | 1501 KB | Download


Four of the most popular and addictive word games have been combined into one exciting gamepack. These word games will challenge your word knowledge, eye coordination and quick thinking.

Word Jumble - Guess the seven letter word or form multiple words to breeze through the various levels

Hungman - Guess the given word before the hungman commits suicide. This classic game challenges your vocabulary and quick thinking.

Hunt-a-Word - Find all the listed words from grid and challenge your mind and eye coordination in this classic word-searching game

Word Whiz - Construct as many words as you can by selecting as many adjacent letters from the grid and be the Word Whiz champion

Super Mega Blackjack Supreme v1.0

Super Mega Blackjack Supreme | v1.0 | 1923 KB | Download


Super Mega Blackjack Supreme is the ultimate blackjack experience. Unlike other blackjack games, Super Mega Blackjack Supreme combines all the thrills of classic blackjack with a list of new and amazing features. Start at the public table and work your way up to high roller status at the Grand High Roller’s table. With the built in banking system, you can take out bank loans and keep playing even if you go bankrupt. Your game is never over!

Never played blackjack before? No problem, your in-game personal assistant can tell you everything you need to know to get started. Don't just play blackjack, play Super Mega Blackjack Supreme!


- Unlimited hours of gameplay.
- True virtual decks. Each deck contains 52 cards exactly like real decks. Real card shuffling and real deals. Not just random cards being thrown on the table like other games.
- Easy to use help system with built in personal assistant. Just pick up and play. No need for training. No need for strategy cards.
- Your last bet is automatically saved. Change your bet at anytime.
- Hand splitting option enables you to play up to 3 hands at once.
- Your game progress and winnings are automatically saved with up to 3 unique games slots. Each game can be personalized for your style of play.
- High quality music and sound effects with mute options.
- Double Down on any hand including split hands.
- Real casino style action with Blackjack payouts at 3 to 2 and Insurance payouts at 2 to 1.
- Automatically handle Aces as 1 or 11.
- Simple to use blackjack game interface.
- Move to tables with higher betting limits.
- Accept bank loans and bet your way out of debt.
- Easy to understand payment system. See every dollar lost or gained in real time.
- Supports up to 10 decks at once with the option to display card counting.
- Buy insurance with the option to disable insurance bets.
- Fun colorful graphics and animation.

High Seas Guns and Gold v1.017

High Seas Guns and Gold | v1.017 | 1619 KB | Download


Arrrr! Welcome to the Golden Age of Piracy, matey! The year is 1695 and you are a ship captain in the vast, gorgeous, and opportunity-rich Caribbean.

Perform daring missions to earn gold and prestige, prowl the waters to capture unwary ships, and haggle with merchants to discover lucrative trade routes. Choose your own unique path to untold fortunes—as a pirate, trader, privateer, or all three!

The rich, historical basis translates to extensive variety and realism. Explore over 26 ports, each with their own unique market for goods. Try one of the ten different ship types to determine which best reflects your style of play. Buy and sell eight types of trade items in your search for the most lucrative routes.

Each adventure is unique: choose your nationality, what missions to undertake and how predatory to behave on the open water. All your decisions have real game implications, ensuring a new play experience each time.

Stunning graphics and addictive, open-ended gameplay make this a must have for anyone looking to sail the high seas! What name shall ye carve for yourself, Captain?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Astraware GTS World Racing v1.0

GTS World Racing | 1.0 | 1266 KB | Download


Fans of classic coin-operated arcade racing games will love the retro style graphics and exhilarating sound effects. Experience the roar of engines as you select your car, race your opponents, set the fastest laptimes, score points for most race wins and burn rubber to gain championship victory!

GTS World Racing offers 64 track layouts across 16 worldwide locations - from snowscapes to dusty deserts; 3 car types to choose from each with their own handling characteristics; and 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Extreme!

The game offers 4 play modes to satisfy every level of expertise:

Single Race - check out the tracks and practice your skills before heading for the main event

Challenge Cup - race at each of the 16 locations and achieve the required finishing position for your chosen difficulty

Grand Tour - complete all 64 tracks in all 16 locations and achieve the required finishing position in each

Championship - complete the full 16 race season and score the most points to win the championship.

AdbWeather v2.01

AdbWeather | 2.01 | 1653 KB | Download


This is a Today Screen Plugin and stand-alone application which allows you to view USA and International weather forecasts on your PocketPC. It does require a connection to the Internet from the PocketPC, but is designed to still function while offline.

Note: ADBWeather Plus does not directly supply forecast data, it only pulls weather data from various public domain web sources.


· summary and detailed view modes
· current conditions (if available)
· radar and warning data
· custom web image linking
· satellite image data
· USA and International forecasts
· user set schedule of automatic updating
· direct or Connection Manager network configuration
· Today plugin images can be skinned

Medical Wizards Respiratory v1.0

Medical Wizards Respiratory | 2115 KB | Download


The Respiratory System Flash Cards product uses the time tested content and images from BryanEdwards.com and displays the necessary images to demonstrate the respiratory system. This PDA version contains 80 pages that starts examining through the air passages, then down the throat and through the lungs. Substantial text content detailing each image, and a quiz (?) section has been added to aid as a learning tool.

Whether an attending physician using this product to demonstrate anatomical terms to a patient, a medical, dental or nursing student, or undergraduate anatomy student; this product will exceed your expectations and needs.

Spb Wallet 1.56

Spb Wallet | v1.56 | 8255 KB | Download


Spb Wallet is a safe, secure and convenient storage for all your important and business critical information, providing you with quick access to data on both your device and desktop. Data synchronization between multiple devices and desktops is supported.

SBSH Facade v1.30

SBSH Facade | v1.30 | 1612 KB | Download


Facade is a highly customizable tab-based Home screen plug-in for Smartphone devices. With Facade, you can view your upcoming appointments and tasks directly on your Smartphone Home screen, keeping you up to date on all your important appointments and tasks.

Additionally, Facade puts a launcher tool right onto that same Home screen, allowing you to launch your favorite applications directly from your Home screen with just a single click and monitoring your Smartphone battery and memory status using special meters.

Friday, July 25, 2008

SBSH Papyrus v1.3

SBSH Papyrus | 1.3 | 1224 KB | Download


Manage your busy life with Papyrus and your mobile phone. Papyrus is a robust time management solution for ppc devices. Papyrus offers many smart views and powerful tools to manage and keep track of your schedule. This is how your Symbian 60 is supposed to act!

Pocket Mini Golf 2 : Spooky Hollow v1.01

Pocket Mini Golf 2 | 1.01 | 526 KB | Download


There's been some eerie goings on in the world of Pocket Mini Golf 2. Dare you venture into Spooky Hollow for a round of golf?

Pocket Mini Golf 2 - Spooky Hollow is a scarily good 18 hole Expansion Pack for Pocket Mini Golf 2. This expansion pack adds the Pumpkin Cup to your existing courses.

Odyssey Battle of the Universe v1.02

Odyssey Battle of the Universe| v1.02 | 4133 KB | Download


Odyssey - Battle of the Universe is a fast-paced classic style space shooter game.

Blast your way through eight galaxies, flooded with hundreds of relentless alien enemy ships, asteroids and mines. Collect special weapons, missiles, shields and bonus life- or speed- power-ups and destroy the boss waiting at the end of each level.

Are you brave enough to boldly go where no man has gone before? Prepare for the ultimate odyssey into deep space and become a legend in the Battle of the Universe!


8 big action packed levels with boss fight at the end of each level
33 different enemies and 53 different attack waves
5 upgradable weapons
life up and speed up power-ups
ultra-detailed smooth scrolling 3D graphics
super-smooth animation
pulse-pounding soundtrack & groovy sound effects
compatible with Windows-powered SmartPones
installation to external memory cards possible

Merriam Websters Crossword Challenge v1.0

Merriam Websters Crossword Challenge | v1.0 | 1683 KB | Download


If you like to work on crossword puzzles then you will love Merriam-Webster Crossword Challenge. What distinguishes Merriam-Webster Crossword Challenge from a printed crossword is the verify and hint features. By selecting a square and then tapping "verify," you can see if the letter placed in the square is correct. The hint feature works the same. Selecting a square and then tapping "hint," will reveal the correct letter.

Animals of Mass Destruction v1.3

Animals of Mass Destruction | v1.3 | 5540 KB | Download


Puppies with shotguns, stealth Kung Fu kittens, hacker chickens with tasers, chaos, madness, mass explosions, mass hysteria and mass destruction! Oh My!

Fight your way through animal soldiers while solving brain-teasing puzzles to save the world from global terrorism. Capture hostages along the way and torture them for information. Power up and go berserk in destruction mode and lay waste to the environment around you. Oh, did we mention that you are not human?

Top Secret Briefing: Recently, terrorist organizations around the world have been experimenting with animals to create the next step in bio-weapon warfare. Fortunately, the U.S. government has learned of this and has created its own animal strike force to combat this new threat. Project A. O. M. D., Animals of Mass Destruction was formed and has given birth to 3 elite animal soldiers. Special Agent Puppy Love: Leader and weapons specialist. Special Agent Kitty Kung Fu: Stealth assassin and martial arts master. Special Agent Chicken: Technology expert.

Additional Features: Amazing artificial intelligence, including true line of sight combat and enemies who react to your every move! Create your own name and submit your game stats online for the world to see. More than 35 challenging levels and 7 spectacular mission bosses who take you around the world, from Australia to Iraq. Auto-save your game progress with as many as 3 unique games slots. Fun, colorful graphics and animation. High-quality music and sound effects put you into the game. DVide Arts innovative 2.5D graphic technology. Truly move in front or behind any object in 2D space!

Spb Brain Evolution v1.2 Multilanguage

Spb Brain Evolution | v1.2 | 4059 KB | Download


This is one of the most intelligent games for Pocket PC. By using Spb Brain Evolution you can improve your mental awareness and maintain your brain fitness. Use this game for everyday training and you will find that your brain will become faster and more reliable.


- Original support for qVGA and VGA devices (240x240, 240x320, 480x640)
- Addictive gameplay
- Brain Marking and Brain Training modes
- 10 development mini-games (Sudoku included)
- Handy hardware keys control
- Different awards for better play
- Knowledge base
- User profiles support

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Abracadabra v1.0

Abracadabra | v1.0 | 3923 KB | Download


Abracadabra is an arcade crazy, hip trip game where you and a wizard make or break bricks, find gold, buy powers and get rid of creatures.9 free levels & over 115 levels in the full version. Tutorial in English. Abracadabra Pocket PC is licensed as shareware, the cost of the registered version is $19.95 and full size of the download is 3.72 MB. You may download a free version of Abracadabra Pocket PC by following download link at Free Download section of this page. Abracadabra Pocket PC is developed or distributed by Phelios Inc. and is listed under arcade.

Blitzkrieg War in Europe v1.53

Blitzkrieg War in Europe | v1.53 | 3653 KB | Download


Command Allied, German or Soviet forces during the greatest battles of the Second World War. Great 16-bit graphics, real units, challenging AI.

Are you missing your favourite turn-based strategies for PC that you used to play? Try Blitzkrieg: War in Europe.


- Really good AI of your opponents.
- Command Allies, Axis or Soviet forces in 18 historically accurate scenarios covering the most important battles of the Second World War
- Great 16-bit graphics in 320x320 and 320x480 pixels resolutions (Palm) or 320x240 and 640x480 (Pocket PC)
- Real ground, air and naval units

Tweaks2k2 v3.0

Tweaks2k2 | V3.0 | 1151 KB | Download


Tweaks2K2 is the biggest collection of hacks with 93 different registry tricks and 2 screens with important information about your Pocket PC. With tricks that nobody have seen before in any other tweaks application for PocketPC.

Smartphone version available too with more than 15 registry hacks.

Mastersoft Easy Finance v1.0

Easy Finance | V1.0 | 2546 KB | Download


Easy Finance comprises of three main functions that allow you to easily and visually calculate loans and investments. You can also perform 13 standard functions such as Straight Line Depreciation using the inbuilt financial calculator.

Designed to enable you to be productive from the word go, Easy Finance is designed using the very latest technologies. It is suitable for most Pocket PCs.


- Ease of use.
- Visual loan analyser.
- Visual investment analyser.
- 13 Function Calculator.
- Memorise and compare up to 7 different loans and investments at a time.

MapKing Tokyo V7.0

MapKing Tokyo | V7.0 | 18835 KB | Download


Tokyo English version covers total 1780 square kilometer. Separate entire Tokyo city and into 53 sub-districts. There are 290 named road .MapKing Tokyo contains over 6500 POI (Point of Interest) included hotels and shops.GPS tracking is supported. MapKing also cover China Cities and major Asian Cities with English and Chinese interface. Now MapKing have 14 pure English version maps, Hong Kong/ Shanghai/ Beijing/ /Shenzhen/ Taipei/Tokyo/Seoul/ Ho Chi Minh /New Delhi/Bangkok/ Manila/ Kuala Lumpur/Jakarta/Singapore/. The software installation is separated into 3 part. Install program, install map file, and registration. Please visit www.mapking.com for more information. Buy this now with a free PC version. Free trial PC version can be download from www.mapking.com

Code Wallet Pro v6.11

Code Wallet Pro | v6.11 | 6513 KB | Download


CodeWallet Pro is the #1 secure personal and business information organizer for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone.
Manage passwords, banking information, credit card details, PIN codes, travel plans, insurance policies, registration codes, gift lists, you name it, CodeWallet Pro manages it.

CodeWallet Pro will get you organized and let you quickly find your important information when you need it most.

Password protection and strong data encryption keeps your information from others.

Complete flexibility lets you store just about any type of information you can imagine, include attachments, graphics, sound files...

Synchronize your information with your Desktop PC with the Desktop Edition to manage and access your information from anywhere at anytime!

Vito EyePhoto v1.0

Vito EyePhoto | v1.0 | 1886 KB | Download


EyePhoto lists all folders wich contain pictures with a preview image - tap on a folder to see the content, then tap on an image to switch to fullscreen mode. It might take some time to load an image; this depends on its size. After a few seconds in fullscreen mode, the upper menu disappears. The upper menu shows the number of the current image, a button to switch back to the folder view, and a button to rotate the screen 90° CW. To show this menu after it disappeared, just tap once on the screen. When in fullscreen mode, zooming in is possible by tapping twice on the image or by clicking the zoom button in the lower left corner. To jump to the next image, just swipe the finger from the right to the left.

Vito Voice Dialer v3.6 Multilanugage

Vito Voice Dialer | v3.6 | 857 KB | Download


VITO VoiceDialer is voice recognition and dialing software for your Pocket PC. Choosing the contacts to dial manually from the address book is slow, boring and even dangerous if you drive. With VoiceDialer, you can just pronounce a name without pressing anything!

VoiceDialer uses voice commands that you record by yourself, thus it understands any language, even your dog's barking! Your dog can finally call you, isnt't it great?

Dragon Ball v1.03

Dragon Ball | v1.03 | 5752 KB | Download


Join an amazingly fast paced journey to the ultimate source of wisdom. Follow the Eastern Dragon chasing a sacred Pearl of Potentiality. Share his supernatural power and excellence, goodness and fertility, vigilance and dignity. Get better and wiser as you twist and twirl through obstacles together.

With a single flick of the stylus, you launch colored balls from the flying fan in the bottom of the screen. Chains of three or more balls of the same color pop to clear your way to the next level. Power-up spell balls cause explosions, slow-downs and reversal movement.


· 12 unlockable locations
· 72 different levels - each one like no other
· 7 special bonuses and powerups
· Great music and GFX
· Full support for VGA and Windows Mobile 5.0

Catacombs of Arnak v1.01

Catacombs of Arnak | v1.01 | 1105 KB | Download


"The remains of the great wizard Arnak the Opener were interred in a vast set of caverns near Cathness. Recently, the caverns which house his remains were disturbed in order to recover his magical hammer. Arnak rose from the grave and tried to prevent it from being taken, but his spirit was not strong enough. A group of monks and priests went to pay homage to the remains of Arnak. Upon arriving on the spot where his corpse fell, they discovered the remains were gone!

"The scholars believe that his angry spirit still roams the catacombs that are a part of his tomb. While it is uncertain that his spirit can be put to rest, he has certainly brought denizens of the darkness to the lands. Find the restless spirt of Arnak and put him to sleep. Otherwise the darkness that encroaches on the tomb will continue to grow more powerful."


• Real time dungeon adventuring
• Random item generation, with magical properties
• Map window
• Variable game environments (tombs, forests, mountains)
• Load/Save Game
• Quick access buttons for healing and using items

Burr Oak HotButton Plus v2.00

BurrOak HotButton Plus | v2.00 | 951 KB | Download


HotButton Plus lets you operate your Pocket PC with one hand!.
Assign HotButton Plus to a hardware button - repeatedly pressing the button will cycle through your jog tasks.

Use your navigation pad to move back and forth between jog tasks (and select them!).

Assign applications to launch and built-in functionality such as system and network status, and with Pocket PC Phone Edition devices, phone numbers to dial.

You can even associate a sound with each jog task so you don't have to look at the screen.

Tired of interrupting your work to return to the Today screen for battery, memory, network or phone status? HotButton Plus gives you access to this information no matter what you're doing, without losing your place!


- HotButton Plus lets you keep your stylus in its holder:
- One handed launching of common tasks on your Pocket PC
- Launch applications
- Display system status (battery state, and memory)
- Associate a voice prompt with each task
- Includes common voice prompt recordings, which can be removed after installation to save space

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sprite Backup v6.2

Sprite Backup | v6.2 | 2855 KB | Download


Device backup software is very much like vehicle insurance: you know you have to have it so you shop around for the best you can find, but in truth you really hope you'll never actually need it. That's when the paranoia sets in. If I back up to my memory card, what if I lose it? If I back up to my PC what if the hard drive gets bad sectors? Do I need to backup my backup? Sprite Backup from Sprite Software aims to make your backups as hassle free and worry free as possible on your Windows Mobile device. So is it the perfect solution to give you peace of mind? Read on to find out!


- Supports ALL WM5 & WM6 Devices
- Backup to FTP Server
- Backup to PC
- Sprite PC Manager
- Sprite Explorer
- Upgrade Mode Recovery
- Support for WM 6 Storage Card encryption
- Full & Custom Backup and Restore operations
- Self-Extracting Backup Files
- Automatic Scheduled Backup
- Automatic Backup File Management

Medical Wizard Integument Anatomy Flash Cards

Medical Wizard Integument Anatomy Flash Cards | 1719 KB | Download


The Integument System Flash Cards product uses the time tested content and images from BryanEdwards.com and displays the necessary images to demonstrate the integument system. This PDA version contains 28 pages which takes the reader through an in depth examination of the body's surface, the skin. Substantial text content detailing each image, and a quiz (?) section has been added to aid as a learning tool.

Whether an attending physician using this product to demonstrate anatomical terms to a patient, a medical, dental or nursing student, or undergraduate anatomy student; this product will exceed your expectations and needs.

Racer Log v3.0

Racer Log | 1511 KB | Download


Racer Log can significantly improve your training if you spend only a few minutes a day maintaining a training diary. This may be the most helpful and informative tool you'll ever use because you enter the information yourself and it will only be as good as what you put into it. Is your performance improving? If not, why not? If it is, then what made the difference and is there room for even further improvement?

On a daily basis, you can enter your energy level, hours of sleep, pulse, blood pressure, and weight. Every activity includes space to enter information on intensity, distance, duration, speed, cadence, altitude, pulse, and weather. Racer Log can also track race performance, route notes, and other summaries. Until you measure what type of improvements you've obtained from training, you won't know whether to retain or modify your training regimen. Weekly, monthly, and yearly charting of distance, duration, and speed will help you make the these decisions

Winmobile Download Accelerator v1.82

Winmobile Download Accelerator | v1.82 | Download


While in mobile, being able to stay in touch through the Internet, and downloading information when needed, are becoming a necessity. The wide accessibility of 3G technology such as HSPA of UMTS and widely available wireless-broadband hot spots along with many mobile conveniences make it even more viable. WinMobile Download Accelerator is the tool that make every part of the technologies fit together while boosting and easing your mobile downloading experience. It manages, controls and speeds up your downloading by splitting files into segments and downloads them simultaneously.

WinMobile Download Accelerator is an optimized download manager for Windows Mobile Classic/Professional. Its multi-threaded asynchronous technology accelerates the speed with which you can download files from HTTPS/HTTP/FTP servers. It is fully integrated into the Pocket Internet Explorer by intercepting PIE's navigation events and redirect any download. WinMobile Download Accelerator will let you take advantage of a faster and more reliable download; optimize your download performance, and help you in recovering interrupted downloads. WinMobile Download Accelerator brings you to the next level of mobile Internet downloading.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sprite Backup 6.10

Sprite Backup | 6.10 | 2478 KB | Download


Device backup software is very much like vehicle insurance: you know you have to have it so you shop around for the best you can find, but in truth you really hope you'll never actually need it. That's when the paranoia sets in. If I back up to my memory card, what if I lose it? If I back up to my PC what if the hard drive gets bad sectors? Do I need to backup my backup? Sprite Backup from Sprite Software aims to make your backups as hassle free and worry free as possible on your Windows Mobile device. So is it the perfect solution to give you peace of mind? Read on to find out!


- Supports ALL WM5 & WM6 Devices
- Backup to FTP Server
- Backup to PC
- Sprite PC Manager
- Sprite Explorer
- Upgrade Mode Recovery
- Support for WM 6 Storage Card encryption
- Full & Custom Backup and Restore operations
- Self-Extracting Backup Files
- Automatic Scheduled Backup
- Automatic Backup File Management

Sprite Pocket Backup Plus v2.01

Sprite Pocket Backup Plus | v2.01 | 2504 KB | Download


Good backup software needs to have two components to make it successful in my eyes: scheduled backups (humans are unreliable creatures at best), and painless restores. Pocket Backup Plus 2.0 from Sprite Software delivers on both of these promises in full. It works exactly the way you'd expect it to: you set up a schedule (once, daily, or weekly), it backs up at that time, then soft resets the Pocket PC when it's done. I have mine set to back up at 4:30 PM every day, and it's reassuring to hear the "bing" of a soft reset, precisely on schedule, every single day without fail. Pocket Backup Plus 2.0 is very stable, even when I have doubts about how stable my Pocket PC is. You can specify the backup location (backing up to a memory card or Flash ROM for instance), and one of the new features is backing up across the network (I haven't tried this yet myself). Backups can be compressed, encrypted with a password, and are self-extracting. This last point is extremely important: if you lose everything in RAM, you don't want to end up with a backup file you can't open.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BioBody v2.11

BioBody | v2.11 | 1000 KB | Download


More flexibility for different exercise programs! Track your food and workout information. Powerful graphs and views.

BioBody still works great with the Body For Life program, but was redesigned to accomodate just about any type of exercise program. Now you can enter as many as three aerobic workouts and 144 different sets of strength exercises a day! See the change log at the biomobility.com web site for what is new. BioBody can help you keep track of your strength and aerobic workouts and food intake. BioBody begins with a display of your workout and diet information on its own "Today" screen (which is separate from your Pocket PC's built-in today screen) for at-a-glance viewing of your overall plan for the day.

T-Plus Bridge v1.09

T-Plus Bridge | v1.09 | 4063 KB | Download


is the strongest bridge program available to Pocket PCs and is tailored to serious and competitive bridge players. Use our unique Bridge Tutor to detect invalid bids or plays. Select from rubber or duplicate scoring, 22 bidding systems, 120 bidding conventions, and tons of options to help you improve your bridge skills.

Sprite Backup v6.02

Sprite Backup | 6.02 | 2989 KB | Download


Device backup software is very much like vehicle insurance: you know you have to have it so you shop around for the best you can find, but in truth you really hope you'll never actually need it. That's when the paranoia sets in. If I back up to my memory card, what if I lose it? If I back up to my PC what if the hard drive gets bad sectors? Do I need to backup my backup? Sprite Backup from Sprite Software aims to make your backups as hassle free and worry free as possible on your Windows Mobile device. So is it the perfect solution to give you peace of mind? Read on to find out!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Triax v1.0

Triax | v1.0 | 554 KB | Download


Everyone is playing Triax - the exciting and addictive new game for handhelds that's sweeping the planet.
Triax seems simple enough. But once you've played Triax, you'll be hooked. Triax's 15 levels of difficulty offer hours of challenging entertainment for beginner and expert alike. Play it by yourself. Compete with your friends. Organize Triax tournaments for you, your friends and co-workers. Start a Triax club.

Resco Sudoku touch v2.31

Resco Sudoku | v2.31 | 1314 KB | Download


The goal is to fill in the empty cells, one number in each, so that each column, row, and region contains the numbers 1 through 9 exactly once. Each number in the solution therefore occurs only once in each of three "directions"


- Touch friendly
- Generate a puzzle in 4 difficulty levels
- Puzzle solver, Pencil Marks, and more

Resco Brain Games v2.00

Resco Brain Games | v2.00 | 1557 KB | Download


In just 5 minutes a day, you can have the brain you always dreamed of. Improve your mental capabilities by testing your memory, analytical skills and calculation skills. Concentrate more and increase your brain reflection speed with 36 brain training games.

And don't forget, it will also be fun so you can exercise and enjoy it every single day!


- Touch controlled
- native support for QVGA, VGA
- 36 brain training games
- memory, calculation and analytical training's
- context guide

Real Dice Slots v1.15

Real Dice Slots | v1.15 | 2331 KB | Download


Miss Vegas? Real Dice Slots take you to the strip, anytime, anywhere. Sit down with part or all of your bankroll, choose up to 5 pay lines to up the ante, play on beautiful fruit slot machines with great sound effects. Chat live with other players and find out how they’re doing, use your winnings to play other Real Dice multiplayer games.


- Authentic Casino Experience
- Spectacular graphics and a simple interface
- Play it safe or up the ante with up to 5 paylines
- Pace yourself with Bank Roll Layaway
- Chat with players from around the world, just like in Vegas
- Find out who's high rolling or breaking the bank
- Take your winnings to other Real Dice Casino games - Play for fun, win for real!

OmniG Software 3D Owens Monster Truck v1.0

3D Owens Monster Truck | v1.0 | 3195 KB | Download


Powered by OmniGSoft's exclusive 3D rendering technology and physics simulation, this fantastic real-time 3D fantasy racing game offers gorgeous graphics and loads of high speed fun!

Plow down rivals and tear through obstacles with your roaring monster truck.

Shoot at other monster trucks and make them tumble, tear up the roadblocks with your plow.

Need high speed? Turn on the turbo to fly.


- Fantasy real-time 3D racing game
- Best is class Mobile 3D graphics
- Flexible, Easy Game Control
- Four vividly animated racers
- Five gorgeous racing courses
- Five customized monster trucks

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pro Blackjack v1.3

Pro Blackjack | v1.3 | 582 KB | Download


Play blackjack the way it was meant to be played!
Up to 5 players in one game, played by you or by the computer. Set up your Palm to play some of the positions and ,computer players to come and go at random just like a real casino table!


· Play one on one with the dealer
· Play more than one hand in the same game
· Get play recommendations to learn best strategies!
· Learn to count cards. Choose from one of eleven different card counting techniques.
· Have your Palm play some of the positions in addition to you playing yours.
· Select your position at the table as well as the computer players
· Select the skill level of the computer players
· Computer players can join and leave the table at random...just like a real casino!
· Choose from a standard green table or now a red one as well!
· Play with chips at the table!

Net Monitor v2.1

Net Monitor | v2.1 | 116 KB | Download


Cellular Phone and Network Connection Monitor is a Pocket PC 2002 application allowing you to log all your modem, TCP/IP, serial & USB cable, Bluetooth or infrared connections. You get a complete overview of your connections to Internet over a wireless phone or to your company network using a CF modem


· Monitor all TCP/IP connections
· Monitor received/transmitted data rate
· Monitor and record receive/transmit amount of data
· Connections filter
· Status window displaying current connection type and time
· Application resides in a system tray so it is easy accessible
· Today plugin included
· Export to CSV file