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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Astraware GTS World Racing v1.0

GTS World Racing | 1.0 | 1266 KB | Download


Fans of classic coin-operated arcade racing games will love the retro style graphics and exhilarating sound effects. Experience the roar of engines as you select your car, race your opponents, set the fastest laptimes, score points for most race wins and burn rubber to gain championship victory!

GTS World Racing offers 64 track layouts across 16 worldwide locations - from snowscapes to dusty deserts; 3 car types to choose from each with their own handling characteristics; and 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Extreme!

The game offers 4 play modes to satisfy every level of expertise:

Single Race - check out the tracks and practice your skills before heading for the main event

Challenge Cup - race at each of the 16 locations and achieve the required finishing position for your chosen difficulty

Grand Tour - complete all 64 tracks in all 16 locations and achieve the required finishing position in each

Championship - complete the full 16 race season and score the most points to win the championship.