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Saturday, July 19, 2008

BioBody v2.11

BioBody | v2.11 | 1000 KB | Download


More flexibility for different exercise programs! Track your food and workout information. Powerful graphs and views.

BioBody still works great with the Body For Life program, but was redesigned to accomodate just about any type of exercise program. Now you can enter as many as three aerobic workouts and 144 different sets of strength exercises a day! See the change log at the biomobility.com web site for what is new. BioBody can help you keep track of your strength and aerobic workouts and food intake. BioBody begins with a display of your workout and diet information on its own "Today" screen (which is separate from your Pocket PC's built-in today screen) for at-a-glance viewing of your overall plan for the day.