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Friday, July 11, 2008

Momentum Pocket Mini Golf Extra v1.21

Momentum Pocket Mini Golf Extra | v1.21 | 1611 KB | Download


Pocket Mini Golf - eXtra is the brilliant new add-on pack for the hugely popular #1 best selling game for Smartphone and Pocket PC.
3 all new 18 hole courses to challenge even the best Pocket Mini Golf players.
As well as 3 new courses there are 18 secret levels to discover and play... that makes a total of 72 new levels!!! With the original courses included you will have a whopping 126 unique levels to perfect.
Characters have different strengths and weaknesses so that courses present a different challenge depending on who you pick. This also adds a new dimension to the original PMG courses.

Marco has a powerful stroke but lacks control, he's good at putting at speed but with only average accuracy.
A well controlled strong stroke characterises Emily's game, but she is let down by below average putting skills.
With a strong stroke, reasonable control, average putting and good general accurancy, Ty is a great all rounder.
Rikka has a weak stroke strength but makes up for it with excellent control and great putting.