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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vito EyePhoto v1.0

Vito EyePhoto | v1.0 | 1886 KB | Download


EyePhoto lists all folders wich contain pictures with a preview image - tap on a folder to see the content, then tap on an image to switch to fullscreen mode. It might take some time to load an image; this depends on its size. After a few seconds in fullscreen mode, the upper menu disappears. The upper menu shows the number of the current image, a button to switch back to the folder view, and a button to rotate the screen 90° CW. To show this menu after it disappeared, just tap once on the screen. When in fullscreen mode, zooming in is possible by tapping twice on the image or by clicking the zoom button in the lower left corner. To jump to the next image, just swipe the finger from the right to the left.