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Monday, July 21, 2008

Winmobile Download Accelerator v1.82

Winmobile Download Accelerator | v1.82 | Download


While in mobile, being able to stay in touch through the Internet, and downloading information when needed, are becoming a necessity. The wide accessibility of 3G technology such as HSPA of UMTS and widely available wireless-broadband hot spots along with many mobile conveniences make it even more viable. WinMobile Download Accelerator is the tool that make every part of the technologies fit together while boosting and easing your mobile downloading experience. It manages, controls and speeds up your downloading by splitting files into segments and downloads them simultaneously.

WinMobile Download Accelerator is an optimized download manager for Windows Mobile Classic/Professional. Its multi-threaded asynchronous technology accelerates the speed with which you can download files from HTTPS/HTTP/FTP servers. It is fully integrated into the Pocket Internet Explorer by intercepting PIE's navigation events and redirect any download. WinMobile Download Accelerator will let you take advantage of a faster and more reliable download; optimize your download performance, and help you in recovering interrupted downloads. WinMobile Download Accelerator brings you to the next level of mobile Internet downloading.