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Friday, January 9, 2009

Comic Reader v1.2

Comic Reader v1.2 | 181 KB | Download


Comic Reader is an application for viewing comic strips on the mobile device.


double click to go full screen
hit the action button to go to the next page
Up:toggle Dragging
Down: Fullscreen
Left: Previous Page
Right: Next Comic
click to see the lense
drag lense to move it
drag screen to make the lense go away


· Lense Mode! click on any part of the page and it'll show a zoomed in section of that area.
· Autosizing lense: Lense will try to fit to the text, so its almost always the right size!
· Portrait/Landscape mode in Full screen
· Autorotate for best fit
· Opens zip/cbz and rar/cbr files
· High Quality image resize (Text is still readable even when the comic is fit to the screen)
· Touch Pro features extra commands Doubletap right panel, left panel, or action button. Use the wheel to scroll.
· Smooth scrolling (even on large images)
· Remembers what comic and page you were on
· Remembers the last 10 comics and what page they were on
· "Next Comic" option opens the next zip in the directory, so you don't have to remember which one your on
· "Manga" when changing pages, automatically starts at the right of the page
· can associate with cbz/cbr and zip/rar files
· Page list
· Recent list
· All buttons are rebindable
· Onscreen controls


· .NET Compact Framework 3.5


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