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Monday, January 12, 2009

Connective Tools Call Jockey v1.11

Connective Tools Call Jockey v1.11 | 362 KB | Download


Call Jockey is a simple utility that allows you to quickly and discreetly simulate an incoming call. Such fake calls are useful if you want to politely excuse yourself from conversation/meeting or make somebody think you are receiving a call.


Simple and convenient interface. Program is easy to understand and use. There are no complicated menus and lists, you can set a call at the touch of a button.
Ability to QUICKLY schedule a simulated call. There is no need to manually enter call time every time you want to simulate a call. Just open Quick Call menu and select the time required!
Ability to define a call at specified time.If it necessary you can also enter the required call time manually for the nearest 24 hours.
Standard call playback. Call Jockey plays standard system ring as it defined in your Profile and Sound settings.
Ability to define caller name and phone number. Just enter the required name and phone number in Options dialog and they appear on the call screen.
Multilingual support. English, German and Italian languages are supported now! Call Jockey automatically detects your regional settings and activates appropriate language.
Color theme selection, automatic keypad unlock and configurable ring duration make Call Jockey more convenient and friendly!
Call Jockey can be used as an alarm-clock or as an alerts generating tool, however we recommend to use our full-function alarm-clock and alarm management tools: CT AlarmClock and Alarm Master for such purposes.


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