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Monday, January 12, 2009

Pocket Mechanic v2.91

Pocket Mechanic v2.91 | 3272 KB | Download


The second generation of the ultimate Pocket PC maintenance utility comes re-loaded with features and tools to keep your mobile device and storage cards in perfect shape. A complete rewrite of the award winning Pocket Mechanic application, the Professional version is faster, more powerful and is compatible with more devices.

Optimize your device and storage for peak performance, clean up system junk and free up precious memory occupied by unwanted files and OS objects, maintain the system integrity and prevent possible problems, ensure your privacy and protect your investments in storage cards and mobile device hardware by using a simple and descriptive user interface yet offering robust arsenal of powerful Pocket PC maintenance tools - this is what Pocket Mechanic Professional does well.

Pocket Mechanic Professional is able to completely bypass the file system drivers of Windows CE and access the files directly through our own FATFS layer - the heart of many vital modules dealing directly with the file system. The aggressive and efficient FAT and cluster caches further increase the performance of that layer resulting in an average speed up of nearly 300% in all file operations compared to the performance of the OS itself. Our defragment code is the faster than any other similar utility for the Windows CE platform. The integrated logging facilities provide ultra detailed information on what the application is doing and allow us to trace issues and improve the software virtually in hours. Developed in our labs the GFx module takes care of the rich user interface and ensures compatibility with both low-resolution and high-resolution screens, VGA, QVGA or square resolution devices and guarantees the "eye-candy" style our products are well known with. But to us look and feel is no more important than stability, quality and usability. Our engineers focused on creating a framework of tools so huge and complex it took us nearly 12 months of careful studies of the internals of the Windows CE operating system and hundreds of thousands of lines of C code to bring you this innovative product but we hope you, the end user, will not be disappointed.


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