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Monday, January 12, 2009

Magnifoca STQ v1.10.1

Magnifoca STQ v1.10.1 | 2431 KB | Download


STQ is a best in class stock tracking program designed specifically for the Windows Mobile platform. As a result, it looks and performs the best on your Windows Mobile device.

STQ is comprised of a Home Screen stockticker plugin and a main application. The plugin lets you see all essential stock information scrolling right across the Home Screen, without you lifting a finger. With the application, you effortlessly track your favorite stocks, indexes, mutual funds, exchange rates, and options, that are listed on all US, Canadian, European and Asian exchanges, through automatic updates and alerts. You will also be able to check detailed stock quotes, news and charts.

Our newest STQ 3.0 release now includes support for screen rotations. It also adds several more plugin style and size options.

Try STQ for free, and see why it became an instant hit. After the trial period if you choose not to buy it, keep the stockticker plugin for FREE!


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