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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crazy Matrix v1.0

Crazy Matrix | 175 KB | Download


Your task in this interactive game is to get all LED's glowing together, by logically deducing the correct combination of switches.

The Matrix is a system consisting of switches and LED's, which are internally connected to each other. Your task is to get all LED's glowing together.

As the electronics technician hasn't left a wiring diagram, it's up to you to deduce which switches have to be activated. There's always exactly one correct solution for each case.
If you know the solution state of a switch, you can lock it per Tap'n'Hold. To change the background just tap on a free area.

To keep you busy, the Matrix is randomly rewired for every new game. The difficulty level is freely selectable from 4 to 25 switches.

If you are stuck, you can choose between three help options:
1. A short hint, to help you figure out the next logical step on your own.
2. Display the next logical step completely.
3. The complete solution will be displayed.