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Thursday, January 15, 2009

PontiSoftware IRCy v1.55

PontiSoftware IRCy v1.55 | 1597 KB | Download


IRCy is the IRC chat client for Pocket PC. This application was designed specially for devices which have no keyboard.


Ident server
DCC Chat/Send support
Real VGA support (on VGA devices)
Font adjustment feature
mIRC compatible colors and font styles
Square screens compatibility
Favorites sentences
Self-teachable whispers which showing up durning you enter a text
Optional english whispers database (about 100000 words)
Customizable messages colors
Customizable background colors
Blended background bitmaps
Sounds assigned for actions
Notifiy list
Ignores list
Highlights list
Editable IRC servers database
Baloon popup windows
IRC sessions logging
Advanced context menus system
Copying of a selected text