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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

J and M Soft M8 v1.3

J and M Soft M8 v1.3 | 564 KB | Download


While a mobile user is traveling on the road, it would be impossible for him to operate the mobile device with both hands. Which means a typical Pocket PC software keyboard which requires both hands to operate would be very inconvenient for user to use.

Imagine, when you are walking on the street, and want to sent a SMS, but you are holding a briefcase. Is it possible to draw the stylus and tap on the Pocket PC software keyboard?

M8 input is therefore designed to improve the problem. Now with M8 input, users would be able to type English and Chinese words with single hand. This overcomes the limitation of Pocket PC software keyboard which is not easy to operate with single hand. With M8 input, predicted English words and related Chinese words would be shown on the screen for user to choose. This shortens the inputting time and therefore increases the efficiency for typing.