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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simply Chess v1.0

Simply Chess v1.0 | 681 KB | Download


Finally - the most powerful yet affordable chess program that really stacks up against the competition.
Whether you are an absolute beginner or a proud contender for the world chess crown, look no further! Simply Chess is geared to players of all ages and abilities. Rookies will benefit from superb chess coaching while

pros will find an extremely challenging AI opponent with impressive winning history


· Powerful chess engine featuring 10 levels of game play from Novice to Grandmaster
· Large opening book of chess moves
· Variable board textures
· An effectively immersive 2.5D-isometric perspective. Immerse yourself in the world of endless chess challenges in 2.5D-isometric perspective!
· Adjustable time control settings: time per move, time per game
· Move history
· Transparent computer analysis
· Chess coaching: last move, legal moves, in-game hints
· Tutor mode with an option to take back weak moves
· Support for special chess moves and rules: castling, pawn promotion, ?en passant?, draw by repetition and 50-move rule
· Unlimited takeback/forward
· Import/export games in PGN format
· Quick save to resume from where you left off
· Full QVGA support
· Full compatibility with Windows Mobile 5.0
· Walkthrough tutorial to get started
· Localized to French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian
· Unlimited gameplay
· Free updates
· 24x7 dedicated technical support