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Thursday, September 17, 2009


License: Free
Price: Free

Ringo Pro lets you easily add the magic of MP3, WMA or WAV format ringtones to every call tone on your Phone - bringing your Treo 700w to life, every time it rings!

Use your favourite music or sound clip as a ringtone - just copy it to your Pocket PC phone and pick it from Ringo's easy-to-use interface.

Ringo provides an easy way to set and change ringtones for your friends....

Choose Ringo's "Contacts" tab and pick which freidns and contacts need a personal tone for calls and text messages - every contact in your address book is listed.

Each contact you set up can have a unique MP3, WMA, Wav or Midi ring and text tone.

If you use your Pocket PC Address Book to organise your contacts into groups or categories, then you'll love Ringo's Caller Groups capabilities... Ringo lets you quickly and easily set a unique ringtone for each category in your Address Book.

Choose Ringo's "Groups" tab, and select the ring and text message tones for each group listed.

· Easily add MP3 & WMA ringtones to your Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone
· Set personal ringtones for your friends
· Set personal SMS alert tones for friends
· Set different ringtones for address book groups
· Set different SMS alerts for address book groups
· Free MP3 ringtones

· Pocket PC 2003