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Friday, November 7, 2008

Agendus Professional v2.21

Agendus Professional v2.21 | 1065 KB | Download


Agendus has over 7 different views to optimize the way you view your calendar. Choose between the Today, One Day, Week, and Month views; customizable colors, icons, wallpapers and pictures; and features such has Weather, journal entries, alarms, and trips.

Effortlessly organize your tasks. Set the task's priority, date, alarm, icon, category distinguished by colors. Link tasks with a contact, add a picture, filter by grouping, categories, or by keyword

Being on the go you need mobility solutions that stress convenience and ease of use, that can integrate all your data . We are aware of your needs for a powerful software that can handle the complex schedules with the most attention to intricate details. Furthermore, you won't have to compromise between power and ease of use and appearance

Keep close and detailed information on your contacts. Agendus has a very extensive and integrated set of contact features that enable you to have more control over your contacts.

The Contact Edit dialog offers numerous options and fields for you to input information about your contacts. Categories, grouping, and filtering using a keyword search gives you comprehensive methods to find contacts fast. Plus, you can dial or send SMS right from the contact screen.

Your contacts are seamlessly integrated into the rest of the applications, such as in your task and meetings, and a contact history is recorded every time you interact with that contact.