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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Aiko Solutions SecuBox v1.4.2

Aiko Solutions SecuBox v1.4.2 | 447 KB | Download


SecuBox for Pocket PC is the encryption software for protecting private information you carry with you on PDA and smartphone. Pocket PCs and smartphones are easy to lose, or to steal. Hence, you are at risk that your contacts, personal and corporate information, customer data as well as ideas and plans will be revealed to anyone, even to your competitors. With this PDA encryption software you can sleep well, as it takes care of the security of your data by protecting it with strong industry standard AES encryption.

Secubox for Pocket PC offers exceptional ease of use and would not slow down your performance in any way. Decryption and encryption is totally transparent and requires no action from the user. It transforms the smartphone or PDA in a highly secure device, requiring mininum effort and user interaction.

This encryption software will ensure your data is protected, especially if you have data that could cause damage to or embarrass your company if it gets into wrong hands. If you store customer data, patient records, personell files on your PDA or smartphone or carry mp3s, videos, personal photos or any other private data - then using encryption software becomes a must-have if you don't want this data to be compromised. With SecuBox for Pocket PC you get peace of mind when travelling with your PDA.

The software creates a 'virtual storage' on the PDA. Data moved to and from the virtual storage is encrypted or decrypted on-the-fly using the 256-bit AES algorithm. With SecuBox for Pocket PC, you can create your own encrypted storages, mount them when required and store personal or work related files on them. For user, there is no difference in using a virtual or a real Pocket PC storage. You are able to create, save, move or copy files in the way you are used to.