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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Start Menu Programs Manager v1.3

Start Menu Programs Manager v1.3 | 272 KB | Download


Manage your start menu programs page by moving shortcuts, create groups, create new shortcuts, delete shortcuts...
This program is not any manager !!

With this program you can do these things :

1. Manage your start menu programs shortcuts very easily ..
2. Move any shortcut to any group ( folder ) .. like moving a shortcut to games folder .
3. Delete any shortcut you want , or any group ( folder ) you want to .
4. Rename programs shortcuts , or groups ( folders ) .
5. Make your special shortcut for programs , or put your media shortcuts in start menu programs !.
5. Change any folder's icon !! with this program you don't have to see your pocketpc standard folders icons , because you can change them now very easily with your icons , or with the built in program icons

Make new groups to organize your programs and media

Making new groups ( folders ) can really organize you start menu programs and media , it will be nice for eye , load more and more faster.

Create new shortcuts

Now you can make a new shortcuts to anything in your pocket pc , program , documents , video , picture or any file or media.

Moving shortcuts

One time , you will need to move a shortcut to folder , or maybe moving a game to games group , or just to organize you programs. Now you can do it very easily by using move file function.

Changing Icons

With our software , you will never see the standard folder icon. Now you can change your folder icon very easily.


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