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Sunday, November 9, 2008

DHR CommMgr Pro VGA v2.3

DHR CommMgr Pro VGA v2.3 | 1667 KB | Download


Teach the program where is your home, work, ... and let it select profiles manuallyThe application helps users to manage connections, BT, Wifi, Phone, 2g/3g, speaker. Users can switch between GPRS, UMTS and auto modes. Wi-Fi and bluetooth are supported. Switch between modes (off, connectable, and discoverable). Switch between flight mode and On mode. Close idle connections. Switch between Normal, Mute and Vibrate modes. Create profiles and time frames for those profiles (day, night). Set the state of your connections, band, wifi, bluetooth, phone and speaker. Send SMS and e-mails, set cpu mode, today theme, backlight configuration and activate/deactivate call forwarding depending on your position and schedule. Today plugin available. Totally skinnable.