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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Handy Entertainment Tots n Togs Christmas Edition v1.10

Handy Entertainment Tots n Togs Christmas Edition v1.10 | 1744 KB | Download


While Santa and Rudolf are stuck in a traffic jam
you have a chance to sell off the
last year's stock. Pull on bright red Christmas hats. Invite your adorable
customers to a Jingle Bells dance, and sell, sell, sell...
How drastically can your life alter with inheriting a retail clothing shop
business in the city's busiest main street? Invasions of cloth moth and
robbers in mask are all part of a nightmare you have to live through to
the appetite and pleasure of your fastidious and ridiculous customers.


- Tiny game graphics, comic animations and rewarding splashes
- Support for various screen resolutions and orientations
- Realistic sounds of a shop buzz and original music themes
- Easy game control on buttons or on stylus
- In-game hints and explanatory walk-through tutorials
and furthermore...
Legacy and Venture modes:
- 5 city locations, including inert bedroom community and busy main street
- 8 customer groups each with their own perceptions of taste and style
- About 100 pieces of clothing and accessories
- Warehouse stock, upgradable equipment, shop staff and call services
- Promotion opportunities, marketing research and statistics
- Seasonal changes in demand and changeable fashion
- Brand loyalty factor and five-star rating system
- Realistic customer behavior: queues at fitting rooms and cash register
- Helpful tips in the form of alerts and overhead emoticons
- Professional challenges: pilfering, floor litter and clothes moth


PPC 2003/2003SE/2005/2006


Anonymous said...

it's me again....
i have try this game too, but still error or damage when i download it.
it was the same with another version.....
it's my email address
i really want to play this game...please fix it for me....