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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Diamond TF3D Config v0.67

Diamond TF3D Config v0.67 | 110 KB | Download


Diamond TF3D Config is a very useful tool for all the HTC Touch Diamond owners, it gives you the ability to change the tab positions, date format, larger font in tab list, Remove lock and many other tweaks.


* Tabs
- Change order
- Hide
* Appearance
- Change theme: Themes
- Restore default theme
- Change date format on home screen
- Change language
- Remove branding on home screen
* Tweaks
- Improve performance
- other
- Custom tweaks
* Program Launcher
- Change order
- Edit favorites
+ Select any file you want
+ Change Icon
- Add/Remove favorites
- Remove lock
* AppToDate-Support


all the HTC Touch Diamond