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Sunday, November 30, 2008

IDialer v0.3

IDialer v0.3 | 55 KB | Download


iDialer is a finger-friendly dial pad for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones. It's simple, easy to use, speedy, and well integrated with iContact ! It works with both VGA and QVGA, in both portrait

and landscape mode! The included "default" skin has an iPhone feel with diamond-like menus


· Added ability to establish internet connection automatically
· Added Phone.com dialing (in beta)
· Added JaJah dialing
· Added better command-line / iContact support (-name=...)
· Added better touch feedback (button touched highlighted in blue)
· Added online configuration utility: http://supware.net/iDialer/config/
· Added ability to switch services (phone/GrandCentral/Phone.com/JaJah) by touching titlebar
· Moved settings to Registry: HKCU/Software/Supware.net/iDialer
· Fixed bug that sometimes allowed iDialer to keep running after minimized
· Added secret exitOnMinimize setting for A_C
· Added detection of TALK and END buttons
· Fixed bug where long numbers ran off the edge of the screen


· Windows Mobile 5 or later