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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TCPMP and Video Bundle 1.4.4

TCPMP and Video Bundle | 272 KB | Download


The FlashVideoBundle is a software bundle for PPC/Smartphone that enables click-to-play video streaming of Flash sites, and some non-flash sites, using TCPMP as the media player. This bundle includes two TCPMP plugins (flvffmpeg.plg and flvsplitter.plg) and a Pocket IE plugin (VideoLoader.dll), and a few other files. Access Youtube, Google Video, Veoh and more.

Installation instructions:

1) Install TCPMP
2) Install FlashVideoBundle.CAB. This MUST be installed in the same location as TCPMP (Device or Storage Card)
4) Soft-reset
5) Go to Start Menu->Programs->Video Sites and start streaming!


· Windows Mobile 5/6
· Pocket IE
· TCPMP (Smartphone)
· TCPMP (Pocket PC)