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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cab Via ActiveSync v1.5

Cab Via ActiveSync v1.5 | 114 KB | Download


CABviaActiveSync v1.5 is a very useful application which adds a shortcut in windows context menu for sending a .cab file to your pocket pc through activesync. This tool will save you couple of clicks and will make your life easier !

Here is how it work:
- CvAS installs on your desktop PC, and adds a right-click context menu for CAB files
- When you click the menu, the CAB is automatically parsed, copied to your ActiveSync directory, and a regular ActiveSync install is initiated
- When the install is complete, the CAB file stays in the ActiveSync directory, meaning you can un/reinstall in future, without having to archive the CAB away somewhere.


Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows XP/VISTA