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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Best CallMan v1.01

Best CallMan v1.0 | 394 KB | Download


Best CallMan extends the possibilities of your mobile device by adding some extra actions after the call. It allows to call back, to add or refresh a contact, to create a calendar event, to send and SMS or create a call reminder.


· Templates can be set up for messages and calendar records
· Custom sound and alarm interval for remind to call function
· Call filter allowing to activate Best CallMan depending on call type and phone number
· Easy to use and familiar interface
· Designed for one-hand use as well as touch screen use
· Minimal use of system resources thanks to starting up only at required events
· Developed using native code only (Win32 API). Fast and small in size. Does not require any external libraries (like .NET, MFC, etc)


· Windows Mobile 5 Phone or Windows Mobile 6/6.1 Professional