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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Active Today v1.2

Active Today v1.2 | 250 KB | Download


Do you want to use your today screen to display the current stocks?
Or are you more interested in moving pictures (e.g. animated GIFs)?

Take ActiveToday and use the power of HTML at your today screen.

In order to change settings of ActiveToday go to "Start->Settings->Today", select "pfaceHTML" and tap on "Options".

# Enter the start URL for ActiveToday in the input field "Use this URL as HOME".
Note: You have to enter "file://\Windows\at2k.htm" (without the quotes) to enable Animated Themes compatibility. Only in this case you have to install a Flash Player (just look at the bottom of this page for a compatible version).

# If you want to use an animated GIF at your today screen, you have to check "Use this animated GIF instead of URL". Click on "Browse" to choose the image. Note: The images have to be in "My Documents" folder.

# Enter the standard height for ActiveToday in the field "Height of plugin window".

# To enable an autodetection for the height (will work with "Animated Themes" and animated GIFs) check "Autodetect height of plugin window".