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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Airscanner Mobile Sniffer v2.5

Airscanner Mobile Sniffer v2.5 | 467 KB | Download


As a network administrator, you want to protect your users' confidential data. What better way to do this than to stroll down the hall with Airscanner Mobile Sniffer hidden in your pocket? Thanks to our support for Ethereal packet capture format, grabbing your user's passwords out of the airwaves is as easy as watching a movie! Your users unintentionally send their passwords through the air in clear text, so it is better that you discover this first before a malicious drive-by hacker does it for you. Airscanner Mobile Sniffer also works in promiscuous mode, so you can also discover unauthorized users who may be associating with one of your access points.


- Sniff wireless packets in promiscuous mode
- Decode UDP, TCP, Ethernet, DNS, and NetBios packets
- Conduct network analysis on an entire WLAN segment
- Customize filters for source and/or destination IP Address, UDP Port, TCP Port, or MAC
- View real-time packet statistics
- Save results of capture sessions
- Export data to Ethereal format for further analysis on a desktop PC


Windows Mobile device running Windows Mobile 2003SE, Windows Mobile 2005 or above with built-in WiFi.