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Saturday, November 22, 2008

AvinaSoft Calling Card v2.0

AvinaSoft Calling Card v2.0 | 389 KB | Download


Calling card is a must have feature which is missing in Windows Mobile smartphones. Some people like to make international calls using calling cards/phone cards from their mobile phones due to the expensive direct international calling rates.

Simply create a calling card entry in "Contacts" with first name as "CallingCard" and your calling card access # and pin as work phone (like 1-800-123-4567pp1234pp). Hereafter, for each contact you select, you will see new menu entries for the right soft 'menu' button.

This application is "free" and fully functional. Download the trial version and you can use it as long as you want (there is no trial period). If you like it, please consider buying it to support the future development.


· You can make a calling card call directly from the Contacts application.
· No need to learn another new interface for Contacts.
· It uses the existing built-in Contacts application and adds soft-key menus.


· Windows Mobile 5.0.


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Phone cards are awesome!

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