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Sunday, November 30, 2008

G-Alarm v0.95

G-Alarm v0.95 | 607 KB | Download


G-Alarm is a free alarm clock for many Windows Mobile based PDAs, PocketPCs or Smartphones. G-Alarm is a alarm clock with special mechanism to wake you up. G-Alarm is an alarm

clock which gives you some activity in the morning: G-Alarm forces you to guide a ball through mazes before you can snooze or stop the alarm. Of course, you can also disable this feature and

use it as a "normal" alarm clock


- Supported devices: all devices with Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1.
- Multilanguages.
- Skinnable user interface (Lots of skins are available here).
- Customizable today plugin which shows you all your alarms and lets you activate or deactivate them with one click.
- Define unlimited alarms with many options.
- Choose between different alarm types:
- Weekdays: select on which days of the week an alarm should go off.
- One-time alarm.
- Alarm patterns: you can define more customized alarms (e.g. play the alarm every 4th week on friday at 7:00 PM).
- Define playlists with unlimited mp3/wma/wav files for each alarm.
- Force a specific volume if the device is on vibration mode or muted.
- Repeat and playing options:
- Play alarm for a specific time.
- Repeat an alarm for x times.
- Auto-snooze the alarm after a specifc time.
- Supports all resolutions (VGA, QVGA, WVGA, WQVGA, etc.)


Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1