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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Visual Tasks v0.961

Visual Tasks v0.961 | 169 KB | Download


Visual task switcher in the style of Dynamo 3, but written in native Win32 C++. You should map the program to an Application button and to autostart. Once started, the program shows a blank screen. After this moment it monitors the running tasks and takes screenshots. Just tap on the screen to minimize.

After re-activating it will show the captured task-screens as thumbs. If you click a thumb, the corresponding task will be activated. It should work with every resolution...


· technology switch to DirectDraw. Better performance in scrolling and zooming.
· tap and hold to close an application
· faster reaction time, but higher memory consumption when not active (the background-bitmap is not deleted)
· Version 0.961 still available for devices where the 0.97 version won't work.
· reduced filesize