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Friday, December 12, 2008

PhatWare CalliGrapher v8.7

PhatWare CalliGrapher v8.7 | 7934 KB | Download


PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of the CalliGrapher 8.7. The award-winning

handwriting recognition software has been optimized for better performance on the latest Windows Mobile devices and features a reduced memory footprint.

Named the best software for handwriting recognition for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs by industry experts for six consecutive years, CalliGrapher converts your handwriting into

digital text and sends the recognized text to the target application. Employing advanced fuzzy logic and neural net techniques, CalliGrapher recognizes all handwriting styles: cursive, print, and



- Optimized to work with the latest Microsoft Windows powered Pocket PCs
- Write Pad Soft Input Panel (SIP).
- Write Anywhere SIP.
- Improved handwriting recognition engine reliably recognizes cursive, print or mixed handwriting
- Ready to Go Without Training
- Seamlessly Integrates with most Pocket PC applications
- Includes Spell Checker with Customizable User Dictionary
- Includes PenCommander
- Enhanced handwriting recognition engine
- Full on-screen keyboard with 13 pre-defined layouts for 10 Western European languages and autocomplete feature
- Built in vocabulary editor
- Auto corrector
- CalliGrapher Statistical Analyzer
- Multilingual support
- Customizable Toolbar
- Customizable 24-key keyboard
- Multilingual support
- Configuration manager
- Letter Shape Selector
- Recognition Margins
- Ink Color Selection and Customizable Ink Width
- Enhanced Screen Orientation
- Separate Letter Mode
- Quick Correct Window