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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BinaryFish Calc Converter v1.12

BinaryFish Calc Converter | v1.12 | 4,097 KB | Download


Programmable scientific calculator and converter all in one. CalcConvert allows you to make calculations and conversions. Data entry can be achieved using the input panel or the user customizable virtual keyboard. Create as many categories as you need, create and export categories for your friends and colleagues to use. Add units to the categories, remove unused units, CalcConvert is fully customizable!


- Fully configurable calculator button. Changeable button color and button action.
- Create, edit, delete, import and export categories.
- 19 pre-installed categories, including all common conversions: currency rates, length, mass, VAT rates, and temperature.
- Create, edit, and delete units.
- Automatically updating currency rates, no more manually inputting of currency rates!
- Use functions to create complex formulas and expressions, i.e. Sin(90)*5^2. Function include: Abs, ACos, ASin, ATan, And, Ans, Cos, CosH, Deg, Date, DateSerial, Day, e, Exp, Fact, Frac, Hour, Int, Ln, Log, Minute, Month, Now, Or, Pi, Rad, Rnd, Round, Second, Second, Sign, Sin, SinH, Sqrt, Tan, TanH, Time, TimeSerial, Week, Xor, Year.