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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hexacto Kasparov Chessmate v1.0.9

Chessmate | v1.0.9 | 2,511 KB | Download


Kasparov Chessmate is powered by an advanced chess engine designed to provide hours of thrilling contests for players of all skill levels. Test your mastery of this classic game and improve play as you advance through three ranges of expertise (novice, intermediate and master) each with four levels of difficulty from Very Easy to Hard. Play as long as you want, save, then resume your game whenever you are ready. Endorsed by Garry Kasparov, Kasparov Chessmate is a chess adventure that turns your Smartphone into a challenging opponent that is ready to do battle anywhere, anytime


· Challenging and realistic computer opponents of all level
· Play in tournament mode with virtual opponents at the Kasparov Chess Club
· Multiplayer game action in "hot-seat" style
· Four game-length modes: Blitz, Rapid, Friendly, No Limit, and Time/Move Limit
· Tracking and review of personal game history
· An easy-to-use interface