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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chinese English Dictionary v1.0

Software SKTools | v3.075 | 2,160 KB | Download


Chinese-English Dictionary is the first dictionary for Pocket PC devices running OS version 2002 or later that translates from PinYin Chinese to English. PinYin is the phonetic representation of Chinese words using Latin alphabet. Thus, users of the dictionary no longer need to know the ideographic Chinese writing (Hanzi) of the word in order to find its translation. This makes the Jitterbits Chinese-English Dictionary an indispensable tool for travelers and business visitors to China.


1. Translation from Chinese to English:
- Chinese word look up from PinYin
- Chinese word look up from ideograph (Hanzi)

2. Translation from English to Chinese:
- shows the ideographic Simplified Chinese writing of the word (Hanzi)
- shows the phonetic pronunciation of the word