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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marble Worlds v1.3

Marble Worlds | v1.3 | 1,864 KB | Download


Marble Worlds is a highly addictive and challenging platform game. The gameplay takes place in a varied set of worlds depicted in isometric 3D (viewed from a fixed 45 degree angle). The object is to guide a marble through the worlds collecting all the gems as you go to advance to the next level.

The marble rolls around the scenery with a realistic sense of movement, speeding down hills, and climbing up ramps, bouncing off walls and jumping under your control. Multiple scrolling play areas make a world, and there are 10 worlds to complete, giving you hours of fun.

Fantastic graphics sets including Castle, Egypt, Metal Blocks and Computerized.


- Fantastic graphics sets including "Castle", "Egypt", "Metal Blocks" and "Computerized"
- 10 great levels consisting of up to 9 scrolling play areas each
- Many great scenery features including...
- Air Blowers to float on
- Rebounders to bounce off extra fast
- Trampolines to bounce extra high
- Energy draining water
- Slippery Ice
- Switches and changing scenery
- Bombs and exploding blocks
- Bridges to cross gaps and chasms
- See through fences and glass panels
- Jet holes to propel your marble sky high
- Portals to warp from one place to another