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Friday, March 14, 2008

Spore Cubes Deluxe v1.07

Spore Cubes Deluxe | v1.07 | 3,019 KB | Download


Spore Cubes Deluxe is an easy yet addictive puzzle game. The objective is to clear all cubes by selecting same-colored groups of cubes. The game comes with 4 skill levels plus one secret level. Since this is the Deluxe version, you also get Puzzle mode with 15 puzzles, and that's not all! 3 more game modes to keep you challenged! Pusher, Slammer and Squeezer modes will keep you from ever getting bored with Spore Cubes Deluxe. You will enjoy hours of fun with your entire family. Perfect for an on-the-road time waster.


- Addictive "Easy to play / Difficult to master" gameplay
- 4 skill levels*: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane
- Puzzle mode with 15 puzzles (solve predefined cube layouts, each harder than the next)
- 3 new timed modes - see how long you can last:
- Slammer mode: Cubes fall from the sky as you try to survive
- Pusher mode: Rows of cubes pop up from the bottom
- Squeezer mode: The combined onslaught of Slammer and Pusher together
- Full color graphics in full screen 240 x 320 pixels
- Enhanced cube graphics
- Smooth animation
- Sound effects with On/Off toggle