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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Concrete Udder Kung Fu 72 v1.0

Udder Kung Fu 72 | v1.0 | 2346 KB | Download


The year is 1972. As a Kung Fu actor in Hong Kong, you have been cast as a young farmer's son, out to avenge his father's death at the hands of an evil tyrant. As this is a 70s Kung Fu film, there is little dialogue - what is important is the action! Playing the part of Chang Pei, you must fight your way through hordes of Shao Ping's henchmen, each a master in the Martial Arts, who are guarding his palace. After fighting your way through these guards, you must take on the end of level boss - but beware, each boss has abilities far surpassing those of their minions! Can you fight your way through each of the chambers and defeat the big boss?


- Explosive sideways scrolling beat-em-up action
- Amazing parallax effects
- Stunning rendered backgrounds
- Weapons
- Bonus Game Mode
- End of Level Bosses
- Destroyable Objects
- Immersive gameplay
- Funky 70s style soundtrack
- Kung Fu Movie style sound effects
- Pick up and play control system
- High Score saving
- optimized for one-hand use